Labor of Love

by David Thompson

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Labor of Love is my first solo project, recorded from 2009-2010. The recording circumstances were dubious and my tools limited, yet I'm a bit of a perfectionist -- not a very good combination when it has come to mixing and mastering. Needless to say, it has gone through more iterations than would be reasonable for any sane person at the helm.

So here it is. Think of it as a basement pop album in four suites. Or the world's first quadruple-EP...whatever sounds more pretentious. Regardless of how you decide to label this lengthy, rambling collection of songs, I hope most of all that you enjoy it.

2015 Remix. Still destructive editing with Audacity (as God intended).


released October 19, 2012



all rights reserved


David Thompson Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hello there! I'm David and I write music. I'm currently in a new band called Something Dear and we'll hopefully be doing some really cool things very soon.

Over the last three years I have been held hostage by my first solo album project. The good news is that I'm really finished with it this time*, and I'll be working hard on new things from here on.

Take care!

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Track Name: Inspiration
I'm born today
Opened up my eyes and I am on my way
I breathe today
Whispering to the angels standing beside me
Never walking on my own again
I'm young today
If only for a little while
A little while
Track Name: Let It All Out
With every word you want to say
When making sense just doesn't matter
A shadow of yourself
You don't know what to think
It's like you let it all out
Let it all out of me

And it comes as frightening
Well I am just as blinding

The flame ignites uncertain ways
Could innocence be slowly burning
Two steps outside yourself
It's getting pretty big
It's like you let it all out
Let it all out of me

When everything just doesn't matter
Will innocence just melt away
Unless you find what really matters
Outside in the light

So take a breath outside this cave
The life you knew is gone forever
A blessing and curse
The sunlight on your face
It's like you let it all out
Let it all out of me
Track Name: And I'll Fly
We were young
My knock on the door
They ignored
And I acted the same
Had enough
So I followed them down
To the ground
In the mud and the rain

But I'll fly away for you
And I'll fly and you'll see truth
And I'll fly high away for you
And I'll fly

Just a fool
Nothing more than the stain
On a plain
That you're soaking with bleach
Growing old
At this rate I could die
With the sigh
Of what I'll never reach

I can change
I won't be concerned
With their words
That distracted my mind
Then someday
My thoughts will be free
To believe
In what I feel inside


What is human
That's all I want to learn
Is it people
Well, they don't seem at all concerned
Is this vision
A delusional reality
If they're human
Am I human

And I don't know what I'm doing here
You're melting away when I'm trapped in fear
Sir, can you tell me what I'm doing here
Track Name: Morning Light
Yesterday I awoke in the shadow of the clouds
They were crying tears, trapping me inside the house
Though my mother knew that it didn't feel right
Missing out on the morning light
And she said life is better than before
And she sang as we walked through that door

We'll make a wish
Let it glisten in the sun
Then the world will be
Just as endless as I see it now
Although I am feeling so small
This day could last forever
And the echo sounds
Like the beating of a drum
When we all find peace
To be happy when the sun goes down
I know if I wait 'til dawn
It'll say hello to you

So today I walked though the field behind the pines
'long with Uncle Joseph following behind
And the only thing left to bother me
Was the water drying on my sleeves
And he said life is better than before
Like she sang as we walked through that door
Track Name: I Don't Think You'd Understand
Every time I think about
What you say I can't live without
I've got the chance
So I'll take some chances now
I'm not gonna knock on your front door
I'm not gonna mop your kitchen floor
Time is wasting
In this decaying town

And you know I'd try to explain, but
I don't think you'd understand

I laugh because you think too much
I laugh because the tool shed rusts
It's so compulsive
Forget insulting youth
You say it's just a crazy scheme
You're ripping on my self-esteem
I'll make direction
While you reject the truth

And I'm sorry for your luck, but
I don't think you'd understand
Track Name: On This Road
I think I speak for everyone
Who stands
Up just to take it like a man
And all my friends say I can't admit I'm wrong
But hey
I never liked them anyway

And I don't know what I'm fighting for
But Lord, I've had enough
Sometimes I like running into walls
When I feel like being tough
We forget to live and we live to forget
It's messing with my head
But I will not

There are six ribbons in a row
I've untied
And now my roses have all died
It makes my bed sink awful low
And what's more
I think my neck is getting sore

It's been a long time I've been on this road
And Lord, it's getting rough
Sometimes I just keep moving along
When I know enough is enough

Waste my time trying to rewind
Back to where my story began
To pretend
Everything's alright again
Sure, no one will recognize me now
But I won't be seeing them around
On all the twists and bends

When I forget about everything I want
To survive
It gets me high
Track Name: Waterfall
Can you see the waterfall
It's very tall
It's a place I'd like to go
The next plateau
But I'm not the first to dare
To climb up there

And I can't see the wind but I know it's blowing
And I don't know where we are or where we're going
But thanks for showing
Me the time

And they were sitting on the hill
Very still
With the flowers in their hair
Without a care
Wonder if I couldn't breathe
In ecstasy

And I can't see the wind but I know it's blowing
And I don't know where we are or where we're going
But thanks for showing
Me the time of my life

And it might sound crazy but you know it's what I want
Letting go and bursting out while staring at the sun
Forget reality, it's none of my concern
Guess you could say I'll never learn
Or return

Flaring open in the night
Skin burns bright
And the sky was tripping out
Falling down
Flirting with insanity
I'll swim upstream
Track Name: Rainy Day
We used to fall in love
Without understanding why
But innocence was enough
To keep our growing faith alive
So honesty shined through
And it overcame our lust
Always finding something new
To share with the one we'd trust
We used to trust

But it was raining
It was a rainy day
But it was raining
And it's you
Who'd never see us fall

And we used to laugh aloud
With the people we'd call friends
And we could forget about
Our stupid opinions we could not defend
And we used to see our lives
As a gift on each new day
Together our dreams could thrive
'Cause we took the time to pray
We used to pray

And it's you
Who'd always see me fall

So now I stand outside
But I have nowhere left to go
The clouds here bleed red wine
And they drench me 'til I'm stoned
And I see the rivers flood
And the currents are gaining strength
They're washing all the earth
And just maybe all our faith
Our tarnished faith
Track Name: Rejuvenation/Farmer
Well, she looked at me
Now I wonder how long
It will take
Till she answers my letter
If she stayed the same
Will she ever remind me
Of the days
When I wanted to be a farmer
Track Name: Reunion
There used to be a place
That I could call home in my mind
But it's far away
It's where I could say I love you
There are days when I miss it so
And I pray that I'm getting close
And if faith we share
Then you'll be there to see us through

And every breath you ever take
They say can have some truth to tell
I believe those words
Just as long as they weren't lying
Take another sip, my friend
A shot of wisdom for the road
Don't know what we'll see
But I'm sure it'll be worth finding

I found it
We found it

The old man just sings a tune
That everybody used to know
If you listen in
It'll die with him no longer
It makes me think of how I seek
Something that I had left behind
Now the sun is bright in my eyes
But my light is stronger
Track Name: Sigh
I caught you gazing out the window
What was reflected in those eyes
Though I yearn for your attention
I'm not jealous of the skies
And I've never asked many questions
But my thoughts are laid out for all to see

Just a moment's gaze, no longer
To keep my soul in dreams all day
Friendly gestures, all so simple
Mean more than words can say
And you've never asked many questions
But the answers are now so clear to me

I never knew I was the only one
When I was the only one around
It gives a warmth so unexpected
To gaze up at what I've found


Are you seeing what I'm seeing
Are you dreaming what I'm dreaming
Are you breathing what I'm breathing
But what can I do
Yeah, I'm only thinking rash
And are you wanting what I'm wanting
Are you loving like I'm loving
'Cause you know just how I'm loving
But what can I do
Yeah, I'm not thinking rational

And what can I do
Instead of following you
I said what can I do
Instead of following you
Track Name: Telephone
Sitting by the telephone
It's not making a sound
The window's open
The curtains are blowing
And I'm just hanging around
Wishing for someone I've known
Who's got an hour or two
And if you wonder
This shade that I'm under
I wanted to share it with you

And when we're all alone
Find something to do
When I am all alone with you

I think a voice can travel far
Before expressing a word
I half-expected
You'd get the message
I just couldn't wait to be heard
And there's no question where we are
With air this easy to breath
The gates are open
My chains are all broken
It gives me a feeling so free

Flying by and skipping stones
Passing the afternoon
It's summertime when I'm with you

I'm sitting by the telephone
To keep me up for awhile
In your direction
I see my reflection
Enough that it's making me smile
And I just called to say hello
I had a wonderful time
So just remember
What we shared together
When you said that you'll always be mine
Track Name: Still Awakening
Fireflies and moonlight
Glowing on the surface of the water
And you behind it all
Memories and time
Memories floating
Like the wind of my soul

So please awaken me
You know you're welcome here
And in my sleeping
Eagerly waiting
So please awaken me
To your eyes
And I feel I'm dreaming
You come back again


And I have just one request
To put my discontent to rest
Say you're sorry
For taking what I've made
Track Name: Visionary
I was a visionary
And I was not alone
I trusted those around me
I wish I'd have only known
I'd be drained and ashamed
And I'd take all the blame
All for the rest of my life
Now I'm deteriorating
Out from the inside

Looking for the inspiration
To chase my dreams again
But this age I'm trapped in
No one here is my friend
They'll just break me and take
Everything that I make
Stolen right from my home
Now I'm a visionary
But I am all alone

I was on top of the world

All is gone

They said that I look stronger
They said that I could save myself
She said that they're all crazy
She knows they're wrong

Her mouth is dry
It burns inside
Will she survive
Her lonely mind
Track Name: Making It Out Alive
I'm guilty
Just a tired soul
Warring with its vessel
Were flawless
You brought the air to life
I'm gasping for it now

Unless I can escape from
This land and find a new one
A home where I can meet you
Keep you safe from harm
In my arms

Have wandered
Passing colors by
To find the light I'd promised
They're watching
But they don't care
They don't know what they're after

Am I any better
To find the right protector
Before they overwhelm me
Drag me with my heart
To the dark


It was one
Waking up
Comb your hair
Fill your cup
Now you're worn
In a jar
Find your place
Working hard

And nostalgia will just eventually let you fall
It gets colder when you have no sanity left at all
And you're wondering if you can make it out alive
When the tyrants are now attacking from all sides
Track Name: Don't Cry My Child
I went out, down the road one early morning
My spirit was surely breaking, and
I needed some time to pray
I heard the many angels breathing softly
The only ones to keep my steps
From crumbling on my way

I don't know how many hours I'd been wandering
But the flowers had bloomed when I came home
The sun high in the sky
And on the bed I found my dear beloved
She lay there still and expressionless
A daughter by her side

Don't cry, my child, your mother is only sleeping
The angels have come to wrap her
In a warm and peaceful dream
And if you find you're looking without seeing
Just close your eyes and drift away
To her pleasant memories

It was on a lonely night that I first met her
The darkness had been consuming me
Till her healing light broke through
But a thousand mirror fragments lay abandoned
For this heartless fate has taken her
Away from me so soon

So as I make my way down to the river
I hold my daughter's little hand
As she hums a warming song
This angel here reminds me of her mother
In the life that she pours into me
I've cherished for so long

Just close your eyes and drift away
There you'll find serenity.